Pre-orders & On-demand


All orders are made by our manufactures and shipped directly from us with exclusive custom packaging (ONLY available for Pre-orders). Pre-orders have to be made before the products official launch date. All orders will then be shipped on the day of the official launch. Depending on what shipping option you selected at check out will determine your orders shipping time. Pre- orders are only available for a limited time. If you miss the cut off date for Pre-orders no need to panic you can Order-on-Demand. 

For example: If a customer Pre orders a product on June 15th and the release date is June 28th all pre orders will be sent out for delivery on the release date. 



All orders are made and sent to you directly from our manufactueres. Due to our manufacters making orders on demand this takes about 2-4 weeks for processing and shipping. You will receive a basic package option with FREE shipping.