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1:1 Class

1:1 Class

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Unlock your creativity and bring your ideas to life with our exclusive 1:1 workshops! Whether you're looking to design your own stickers, print custom t-shirts, or craft personalized notebooks, our expert-led sessions are tailored just for you. At Inspiredby, we believe in hands-on learning, which is why each class includes a specially curated kit packed with all the materials you'll need to start creating immediately. From design fundamentals to the finishing touches, you'll walk away with not only a unique creation but also the skills to keep innovating at home. Perfect for hobbyists, gift-makers, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike! 

What Each Class Includes:

  • Customized Learning Experience: Personalized instruction tailored to your interests and skill level.
  • Materials Kit: A comprehensive kit including all materials required for the project.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: From concept to completion, learn techniques and tips unique to the product.
  • Digital Resources: Access to online tutorials and resources for continued learning.
  • Finished Product: End each session with a product you made and the skills to recreate it.


What Classes we Offer:

Sticker Design and Printing: Learn to design custom stickers using digital tools, explore various materials, and master printing techniques. Create stickers that stand out, from concept to final print.

Magnetic Bookmarks Crafting: Craft unique magnetic bookmarks with personalized designs. Learn about material selection, magnet attachment, and customization techniques for charming and functional bookmarks.

T-Shirt Design and Printing: Dive into the world of fashion with your own t-shirt designs. This class covers everything from graphic design to fabric selection and the use of different printing methods.

Custom Tumblers Workshop: Design and create your own personalized tumblers. Learn about material preparation, design application, and sealing techniques for durable and stylish drinkware.

Notebook and Planner Creation: Create custom notebooks and planners from scratch. This class teaches binding techniques, cover design, and personalization options for unique stationery.

Greeting Card Making: Master the art of greeting card design and printing. Learn about various card stocks, embellishments, and techniques to create cards for every occasion.

Party Favors Design: Design and assemble unique party favors that guests will love. From packaging ideas to personalized touches, learn how to make your celebrations memorable.

Colouring Book Illustration: Illustrate and assemble your own coloring books. This class covers theme development, page layout, and printing tips for creating engaging coloring experiences.

Note Pad Creation: Design and produce custom notepads. Learn about paper selection, printing techniques, and binding methods to create practical and stylish notepads.

Mug Design and Sublimation: Customize mugs with your designs using sublimation printing. Discover the secrets to transferring images onto mugs for a professional and long-lasting finish.

Sweater Design and Embellishment: Get cozy with custom sweaters. Learn about fabric choices, design techniques, and embroidery or printing methods to create personalized fashion statements.

Phone Case Customization: Design bespoke phone cases. This class offers insights into material selection, design application methods, and techniques for durable and attractive finishes.

Some projects, like creating stickers, magnetic bookmarks, t-shirts, and sweaters, require specialized equipment such as a cutting machine or heat press. If you don't have these tools, that's perfectly fine! Our classes include tutorials using our own machines, providing you with a comprehensive learning experience so you'll be ready to create on your own equipment whenever you decide to invest in it.

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