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Take control of your life and claim what's already yours. It's time to STOP dreaming about the woman you want to become and just be HER

Introducing the 30 Day Challenge Planner - the perfect tool for the modern woman who wants to manifest her dreams. It's specifically designed for YOU to feel empowered, prioritize self-care and fall in love with the new YOU. 

By using this A5 planner, you will learn to set intentions, track progress, and celebrate your achievements. Each day features a new challenge, including meditation, journaling, exercise, and more, to help you build a foundation of self-care that will last long after the 30-day challenge is complete. It will help you manifest your lifestyle, overcome obstacles, and live your best life. 

Its beautiful design with a combination of a Journal, Planner, and Self Care Activity book. Each activity allows you to cultivate a daily routine that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. With its undated design, you can reuse it for the whole year, making it a versatile and long-lasting addition to your lifestyle.

User-friendly design and interactive features. This planner is not just functional, it's also a work of art. It has an elegant feel and is accompanied by high quality stickers that add a touch of glamour to your daily routine.  

 Whether you're new to self-care or a seasoned pro, this planner will guide you through each step of the journey. Get started on your path to the NEW and improved YOU today. 

Don't wait any longer to start living the life you deserve.  It's time to be "THAT GIRL".


What's Included:

Calendar Section 

  • Daily Planner 
  • Weekly Planner 
  • Monthly Planner 
  • 2023 Full Calendar 

Productivity Section 

  • Vision Board 
  • Bucket List 
  • Boundaries List  
  • Personal Letter Planner 
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Prompt Journal 

Wellness Section 

  • Meditation Challenge  
  • Yoga Planner 
  • Fitness Planner 
  • Detox Planner 
  • Meal Planner 
  • Bath Planner 
  • Stress Planner 

Organization Section 

  • To-Do-List 
  • Shopping List 
  • Important Dates 
  • Password Logins 
  • Declutter Planner 

Self Care Section 

  • Skin Routine 
  • Massage Planner 
  • Solo Date Planner
  • Must Haves Planner 
  • Beauty Planner 
  • Fashion Planner  

Enjoyment Section 

  • Personal Day Planner 
  • Nature Walk Planner 
  • Entertainment Planner 
  • New Hobby Planner 
  • Recipe Planner 
  • Podcast Planner 
  • Something Nice Planner 
  • Reading Planner 
  • Takeaway Planner 
  • Phone Call Planner 
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