Ambassador Program

Welcome to Our Ambassador Program!

Hey there! Are you ready to be part of something awesome and get cool perks along the way? Join our Ambassador Program today and start spreading the love for our stylish phone cases. Here’s how it works and what you can gain by being a part of our crew:

  1. Get Your Starter Phone Case: Grab any phone case from our collection for just £12.99, even though they’re usually priced at £17.99. That’s a sweet £5 saving right off the bat! Use the code "FAMILY" at check out. 

  2. Your Personal Discount Code: Once you’re in, we’ll hook you up with a unique discount code, which is usually your name. This code gets you and anyone who uses it 15% off on all our products.

  3. Earn Money: For every purchase made with your code, you earn a 10% commission. That cash goes straight to you, excluding any shipping costs. We’ll transfer your earnings directly to your bank account on a monthly basis.

  4. More Discounts for You: Every time your code is used, you also get a 10% discount for your next purchase. The more you share, the more you save!

  5. Exclusive Perks: As an ambassador, you’ll also receive freebies and exclusive deals, including early access to new product launches. This means you get to try and show off the latest products before anyone else!

What You Can Earn: Let’s Break It Down!

Check out this cool table that shows how much you can earn and save based on how many people use your discount code:

Number of Sales Using Your Code Commission Earned (£ per sale) Total Commission Your Discounts on Future Purchases
10 £1.70 (assuming an average order of £17) £17 100% off (1 Free Phone Case)
20 £1.70 (assuming an average order of £17) £34 200% off (2 Free Phone Cases)
30 £1.70 (assuming an average order of £17) £51 300% off (3 Free Phone Cases)
...and so on ... ... ...

Remember: The more you share, the more you earn and save!

So what are you waiting for? Join our Ambassador Program now and start turning your social media savvy into real benefits. Not only do you get to enjoy our products, but you also make some money, keep upgrading your style with new phone cases, and get exclusive access to cool new stuff.